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New cabinet, new luck?

Нов кабинет, нов късмет?

A few days after a new, regular cabinet was appointed in Bulgaria, we witnessed balance sheets, promises and changes.

Regarding the balance sheet, former Acting Minister of Agriculture Yavor Gechev said that during his time in the department: “Bulgaria managed to shake up the whole system. We have initiated a number of actions within the EU that I am proud of. We have shown that we are a worthy member of the EU and that our voice is heard, but that is not enough."

What exactly we gained from the shake-up in question was not very clear, as he himself added that the days of the grain crisis were not yet over.

The change! After in the recent past there was a fierce campaign for the Ministry of Agriculture to become the Ministry of Agriculture and many arguments were made for the expediency of this decision, today the big "X" is back again and the institution will officially be called the Ministry of Agriculture and Food.

The promises followed from here. "The most important thing is to succeed in consolidating the agro-food chain from the field to the table," said the new Minister of Agriculture Kiril Vatev.

"The chain is inextricably linked and whoever doesn't understand it will have to understand it. The goal is better quality and more Bulgarian food from Bulgarian raw materials, not from imported ones," he argued.

It was clear from his speech that he will seek efficiency by working actively on the issue of branch organizations in the agricultural sector.

Only time will tell whether Vatev, who graduated from the National Academy of Sciences with a "free struggle" profile, will be able to clear the carpet from the problems in agriculture, or whether they will continue to pull the sector down like a millstone. A time that no longer exists!

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