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The US presidential election is key for trade

Президентските избори в САЩ са ключови за търговията

In their analysis, Comstock Report experts said: "Over the weekend, former President Trump stated the need for a much tougher trade policy with China." The remark has been characterized by the Biden administration as a threat of a "new trade war" with punitive tariffs on Chinese imports that will almost certainly trigger retaliation.

Farmers praised Trump for his lengthy negotiations to create a trade deal with China that has greatly increased exports to that country. "Just what we need," commented local farmers.

“For 20 years I went to regional and national grain meetings, which often included market forecasts. The theme has always been, if we can just get China to buy grain, their need for large quantities will make a big difference in our price levels,” Alan Brugler told AgMobile.

"Finally, the grain deal brokered by the Trump administration has come to fruition and we've seen the best days for farmers markets." Now, the different policy can lead to a complete change of the fundamentals in Chinese trade," he is emphatic.

China still needs grain, but evidence suggests that they are not afraid to change course to afford purchases from other nations. They now prefer soybeans from Brazil and Argentina, as well as other commodities from Australia and Mexico.

In recent days, news has come that China has changed its policy, allowing the import of Argentine wheat. This immediately hit the US market and as early as January 29, the various grades of wheat dropped in value, the expert concluded.

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