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Romania is struggling with food inflation

Румъния се бори с инфлацията при храните
The ceiling on the prices of basic foodstuffs in Romania is being extended for another three months, the Ministry of Agriculture announced on Tuesday. In addition, eight new food products will be added to the list.

The Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development, Florin Barbu, announced that the measure to limit the trade markup will be extended by three months, until the end of January 2024, for the 14 products that should be sold with a minimum trade markup, starting from August 1.

He said the measure has been agreed with the processors and traders who have shown understanding considering the fact that the winter holidays are coming.

"We want the measure to be maintained in the future because it had the expected effect, namely to stop the increase in food prices," Barbu said at a conference in front of the ministry.

He also added that the list of foods where there is a ceiling on mark-ups will be expanded.

There is currently a ceiling on basic products such as white bread, cow's milk, cheese, eggs, oil, potatoes, etc. The idea is to include products such as rice, cream, cabbage, garlic and others in the new list.

"It's about foods that are used by Romanians when preparing products for the festive table and not only," emphasized Florin Barbu.

The Ministry of Agriculture is about to propose a project in this direction to the government, but the institution did not specify when the new products will be on the shelves with lower prices.

When asked about Ukrainian imports, the Minister of Agriculture replied that only cereals that meet the quality standards certified by the National Service for Sanitary Safety and Food Safety, based on the samples received and analyzed, can enter the country, yes be processed and released into the commercial network.

In terms of trade, at the beginning of the week the prices of grain for delivery to the port of Constanta were: bread wheat - 214 EUR/ton, feed wheat - 193 EUR/ton, corn - 189 EUR/ton, barley - 172 EUR/ton, sunflower – 381 dollars/ton.

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