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Turkey is not ready to give up on the grain deal

Турция не е готова да се откаже от зърнената сделка

Turkey is not ready to give up on the grain deal

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Issues of Russian-Turkish cooperation in the energy sector, including the creation of a gas hub and the construction of the Akuyu NPP, as well as the restoration of the grain corridor, will be on the agenda of Russian President Vladimir Putin's upcoming visit to Turkey, the Turkish foreign minister said Hakan Fidan.

"Our presidents are in regular contact. The upcoming visit is scheduled. Cooperation in the gas and energy sector, the construction of the Akuyu NPP, the grain corridor, the situation in Ukraine and the situation in Gaza are expected to be included in his agenda," he said in an interview with A-Haber TV channel.

"There are security problems, especially in Syria. You know that for Turkey there are sensitive aspects related to the Kurdistan Workers' Party and its Syrian affiliate the Self-Defense Forces. In other words, it is important for us not to close our eyes to what is happening in the regions west of the Euphrates, where Russia is also active. This issue has been discussed by the two leaders more than once. Our president is very sensitive about it," he said.

The presidents are also expected to discuss a new mechanism for supplying grain to world markets via the Black Sea.

"The grain corridor has always been on our agenda. Mr. Putin and our president will definitely discuss this issue. This is a matter on which we have held talks with Russia. In particular, talks are currently underway with the participation of the United Nations, Russia, Ukraine and Turkey," the foreign minister said.

"We are studying how to develop a new way to deliver grain to world markets through a Black Sea transport logistics line. The previous grain agreement worked within a set mechanism. It is now clear that a different mechanism is possible. they are trying to flesh out that possibility."

Earlier, the press secretary of the Russian president Dmitry Peskov said that efforts are being made to organize Putin's visit to Turkey, but the specific date will be announced later.

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