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What are the production forecasts for Ukraine?

Какви са производствените прогнози за Украйна?

At the end of March, the Ukrainian Ministry of Agriculture published official forecasts, according to which the country expected the rapeseed harvest to be around 3.8 million tons this year.

Today, the rapeseed crop in Ukraine is expected to double this year compared to the average of previous years and reach a record level, according to the EU's MARS crop monitoring system, Reuters reported.

In its latest report from mid-June, MARS estimated that the 2023 rapeseed crop in Ukraine could reach 5.47 million tonnes, a significant revision to the April forecast, when expectations were for 3.04 million tonnes.

According to MARS, acreage of oilseed crops has increased in areas controlled by the Kiev government, at the expense of winter crops such as soft wheat, while Ukrainian farmers face financial and logistical problems due to the war with Russia. In general, oil crops provide greater income, the agency explains.

Such a harvest would be 99% above the average of 2.75 million tonnes recorded over the past five years. This is due to increased rapeseed areas (79% more compared to 2021)

MARS also forecast that Ukraine's soybean crop this year will be 4.5 million tonnes, up 29% from 2021, based on a 39% increase in planted area. On the other hand, the sunflower harvest will be 8% lower from 2021, to 15.06 million tonnes, following a 4% decrease in planted area.

On winter crops, MARS upgraded its forecast for Ukraine's total wheat crop to 28.28 million tonnes, up from 25.48 million tonnes expected in April, but 12% below 2021.

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