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In the Black Sea region, they brag about forecasts

В черноморския регион се хвалят с прогнози

Russian farmers' grain harvest may exceed 150 million tons this agricultural season (July 1, 2023 - June 30, 2024), Russian Grain Union President Arkady Zlochevsky said at a press conference.

"We have raised this year's gross production outlook to 145 million tonnes, excluding new territories. In fact, this is also the conservative forecast. I think the grain harvest will exceed 150 million tons, including the new territories," he added.

Earlier, the Ministry of Agriculture of Russia assessed the grain harvest in the country in 2023 to 123 million tons, including 78 million tons of wheat.

Agriculture Minister Dmitry Patrushev said earlier that Russia's net grain harvest in 2023 could reach 135 million tons, including 90 million tons of wheat. In October, the ministry raised its forecast for this year's grain harvest to 140 million tons.

Ukraine has already transported four million tons of cargo through the temporary corridors in the Black Sea, created in August, after the termination of the grain deal, said Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky.

"The grain corridor is functioning. Now we are crossing the four million tons of cargo, maintaining the pace," Zelensky wrote.

On August 10, the Naval Forces of the Ukrainian Armed Forces announced so-called temporary corridors in the Black Sea for cargo ships going to the ports of Chernomorsk, Odesa and Yuzhny.

Kiev has warned that military threats and mine hazards remain along the route, so only ships whose owners and captains "officially confirm their readiness to sail in these conditions" can pass through.

The UN, which brokered the deal, noted that Ukraine's "temporary corridors" could not replace the grain deal, which provided for the export of four million tons of grain in just one month.

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