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The EC got access to the data on exports from Bulgaria

ЕК се добра до данните за износа от България
European Union soft wheat exports since the start of the 2023/24 season in July reached 13.61 million tonnes by Dec. 10, a sharp rise from a week earlier as delayed data from Bulgaria was included, the weekly EC report.

The European Commission's previous report showed soft wheat exports of 12.52 million tonnes by December 3, but then Bulgarian export data from mid-September was missing. Now, the picture is relatively complete, with the exception of Italy, which has provided import/export data from the country up to November 23.

Thus, the total export of soft wheat from the EU this season so far remains 14% below the level of a year ago (15.85 million tons).

Commission figures show that Romania remains the largest exporter of common wheat in the EU so far in 2023/24, with 3.58 million tonnes exported. Bulgarian exports were 1.46 million tonnes, up from 937,000 quoted in September, making it the fourth largest soft wheat exporter in the EU after Romania, France and Poland.

The Commission listed the top five destinations for EU soft wheat exports so far this season as follows: Morocco (2.01 million tonnes), Nigeria (1.32 million tonnes), Egypt (1.15 million tonnes), Algeria (1.03 million tons) and South Africa (697,454 tons). Compared to the data for the same period a year ago, there was an increase in the purchases of Nigeria and a decrease for those of Algeria.

Statistics for EU maize imports in 2023/24 so far show 7.60 million tonnes, down 43% from a year earlier, with Spain continuing to be the biggest EU importer with 3.42 million the ton.

Unsurprisingly, the largest quantities of maize in the EU were imported from Ukraine (3.96 million tonnes), followed by Brazil (2.76 million tonnes) and Canada (2.20 million tonnes). The list of the top 5 is completed by Serbia (1.55 million tons) and the USA (91,758 tons)

EU barley exports this season so far have totaled 3.05 million tonnes, up 5% on the corresponding period in 2022/23.

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