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What is the new crop in Romania?

Каква е новата реколта в Румъния?

The autumn harvest in our northern neighbor is coming to an end and it is the turn of the statistics. According to official data from the Romanian ministry, wheat is the king of the crop this year. Only Transylvania still has a few areas left to harvest, but experts estimate production at between nine and ten million tons. Pretty close to peaking in 2021.

The authorities now face the challenge of ensuring the export of this grain, with significant quantities from Ukraine coming after them.

The Minister of Agriculture, Florin Barbou, commented on the situation: "we have a good agricultural year. We have established a joint commission with the Ministry of Economy and the Ministry of Transport to solve the export problem. At the moment, we are considering streamlining the traffic through several parking lots that will be built to the left and right of the harbor entrance. I think they will be ready in two months."

However, the global context is complex and unlikely to be solved with a few parking lots. War and global drought are causing unprecedented volatility in the market, and this is causing farmers to hold onto their goods for later, hoping to sell them at a fairer price.

Cesar Gheorghe, an analyst of the agricultural market, gave more information about world supply and demand: "The United States will generate 47.5 million tons, here we are talking about bread wheat, the European Union a maximum of 128-130 million tons. Russia will generate 87 million tonnes plus an unsold balance of 13.7 million tonnes. Ukraine will generate a production level of 20.5 million tons. And we're done with the northern hemisphere. But trouble appears on the horizon from other places! Canada, Australia and in combination with Argentina, which sowed much less wheat than the previous season”.

The other field crops were commented by Ion Coroianu, vice-president of the Association of Romanian Farmers: "The production of rape is about 2,800 kilograms per hectare. Not a bad production, but not very good compared to last year. In total, about 1.8 - 1.9 million tons were reported for the country. The canola harvest is over, as is the barley harvest. And with barley, we got a production of about 5 tons per hectare".

In terms of trade, at the beginning of the week the prices of grain for delivery to the port of Constanta were: bread wheat - 225 EUR/ton, feed wheat - 202 EUR/ton, corn - 200 EUR/ton, barley - 176 EUR/ton, sunflower – 415 dollars/ton.

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