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Polish discontent angered Ukraine

Полското недоволство предизвика гнева на Украйна

Polish truck drivers and farmers have been staging protests at multiple border crossings with the neighboring country for several months.

They vented their anger at EU officials, demanding they scrap the rules that allow cheap Ukrainian grain into the bloc.

The acceptance of cheap Ukrainian grain is part of policies adopted by the bloc to support Kiev's economy amid the ongoing war with Russia, but protesters said it has harmed their livelihoods.

Despite being one of Ukraine's staunchest supporters amid the Russian invasion, Poland - along with several other countries in the region - imposed temporary bans last year on imports of Ukrainian grain.

At the time, the EU condemned such measures, instead offering financial aid to compensate for the losses.

But the farmers remain adamant and demand their rights, using the tractors to block the border posts. Part of the demonstration also included the pouring of Ukrainian grain, which became the "apple of discord."

Kiev's anger followed after images and videos appeared online showing demonstrators on the Ukraine-Poland border dumping grain from trucks onto the road in protest.

The Ministry of Agriculture said on Monday that Kiev "strongly condemns the deliberate destruction of Ukrainian grain by Polish protesters".

However, this did not particularly affect either the protesters or the rulers in Poland. Local ruling and opposition politicians have called on the EU agriculture commissioner (who is also Polish) to resign, taking responsibility for the farmers' discontent sweeping across Europe.

"There is a man in Europe who has united all European and Polish farmers against the reform he proposed. This is Janusz Wojciechowski. Resign!", urged Deputy Prime Minister Władysław Kosiniak-Kamis.

A similar appeal was made by the leader of the opposition Law and Justice party, Jaroslaw Kaczynski, who nominated Wojciechowski for EU commissioner in 2019. Kaczynski said he would call the commissioner to ask him to leave.

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