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Africa relies on Black Sea imports

Африка разчита на черноморски внос
Statistics report intensive deliveries of Russian sunflower oil to Africa during the year, mainly to 10 countries: Algeria (5.5 thousand tons), Benin (128 tons), Mauritania (49 tons), Sierra Leone (25 tons), Tanzania (24 tons), Ghana (24 tons). Small batches have been sent to Angola, Liberia, Morocco and Nigeria

"According to our estimates, about 135,000 tons of sunflower oil will be sent to Africa by the end of the year, the total supply for 2023 will be 554,000 tons against 235,000 tons a year earlier," OleoScope experts forecast.

At the same time, exports of soybean oil from the Russian Federation to Africa decreased from 260,000 tons to 232,000 tons since the beginning of the year. The decline was marked by a decline in sales to major buyers. In particular, supplies to Algeria are down 7% to 139,000 tonnes, and supplies to Tanzania and Tunisia, which were among the top 5 buyers last year, are now absent. At the same time, exports to Egypt increased by almost 15% to 93,000 tonnes.

By the end of the year, according to preliminary estimates, Russia will send 298,000 tons of soybean oil to Africa, compared to 334,000 tons a year earlier.

President Vladimir Putin spoke about the export of grain to the "hot" continent at the ceremony of handing over letters of credit to foreign ambassadors.

"Russian grain is now on its way to six African countries that need food. Some ships are already being unloaded, others are at sea, and others are being loaded in Russian ports," Putin said.

Neighboring Ukraine has also shown its concern by developing the "Grain from Ukraine" program. Under this program, Ukraine, partner countries and private sector donors will supply Ukrainian grain to countries in Africa and Asia that are facing malnutrition and severe hunger problems.

To date, the accumulated "support" is approximately 220 million US dollars. The contribution amount and the number of donor countries are not final. It is planned to increase the contributions of individual countries and attract new donor nations and enterprises to participate in the initiative.

Obviously, the concern of Russia, Ukraine and the international community for the starving Africans is touching, but this hardly makes the situation any easier for the European markets, which remain dominated by the Black Sea origin.

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