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What harvest is expected in Romania?

Каква реколта се очаква в Румъния?

The estimates of the European Commission for the new grain harvest in Romania predict a growth of over 4%, which would be the highest in the entire European Union.

From a climatic point of view, even if untimely, spring snows in some regions, followed by recent rains, gave an impetus to the development of field crops.

Currently, farmers' expectations are to harvest a richer crop of wheat, canola and even corn or sunflower compared to last year, when the drought caused significant damage.

Daniel Radu, a farmer from Ilfov commented: "considering that we sowed in November and it only rained a little towards the end of the month, the crops are looking very good. We had snow, we also had rain, I even expect to reach a yield of 700-800 kg/ha, but whatever the Lord says."

The Romanian Ministry of Agriculture is also optimistic about the upcoming season. "The way the crops are looking now, farmers could harvest a million and a half tons more wheat from the fields than last summer. In addition, Romania can also record the largest harvest of rapeseed for the last six years", the institution states categorically.

Wheat production looks very rich, but farmers say that the price of wheat will go down and a kilo will cost below one lei per kilo immediately after harvest, so they will not sell the grain after it is harvested, but will store it until it emerges at a better price.

"I advise farmers, if they have the opportunity to store, not to sell at the prices that will be at harvest. If the price is around the expected 0.70 lei per kilo of wheat, my advice is not to sell it," says Leonard Cicic, a farmer.

Among locals, the highest hopes are for spring crops, which were hit hard by the 2022 drought.

In sunflower, farmers expect to harvest 50% more than last year. Although sown late, maize is also off to an outstanding start. Both the current development and soil water reserves have farmers expecting double production compared to last season.

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