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What is happening to Ukrainian exports?

Какво се случва с украинският износ?

Ukraine has exported almost 4.7 million tonnes of grain so far this month, almost the same volume as in the same period last year, agriculture ministry data showed on Monday.

Grain exports from Ukraine in the 2023/24 July-June marketing season have so far fallen to around 28.6 million tonnes from 31.8 million a year earlier, the data showed.

Exports include 11.3 million tons of wheat, 15.4 million tons of corn and 1.6 million tons of barley.

Ukraine has traditionally exported most of its grain through its deep-sea Black Sea ports.

The Ukrainian government expects a crop of 81.3 million tonnes of grain and oilseeds in 2023, with an export surplus for 2023/24 of around 50 million tonnes.

Despite Ukraine's success in organizing exports, progress in securing the western Black Sea could be reversed if the United States does not provide more weapons soon, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky warned in a new interview.

After two years of funding Ukraine's defense, the Republican-led US House of Representatives has blocked a $60 billion aid package for Kiev, joining Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump's position.

According to Ukrainian media, the funding cut will affect the front lines in Ukraine. In an interview with CNN, Zelensky said that the sea corridor will also be at risk if the aid is not restored soon.

"I think the route will be closed. To protect it, it's about some munitions, some air defense and some other systems," he said.

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