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The corridor in the Black Sea is getting narrower

Коридорът в Черно море става все по-тесен

In recent days, the UN has warned of a new threat to global food security. The statement came shortly after Russia limited the number of ships allowed to load Ukrainian grain from Black Sea ports.

"The Russian Federation has informed the Joint Coordination Center (JCC) of its decision to limit registrations for Yuzhny port until the resumption of ammonia exports, which are currently suspended," said Stephane Dujarric, a UN spokesman.

We remind you that three Ukrainian ports participate in the Black Sea Grain Initiative (Odessa, Chernomorsk and Yuzhny), and in practice, with this move, the Kremlin closes 1/3 of Ukrainian exports.

But this measure may be just the beginning. Asked to comment on the topic, Deputy Foreign Minister Sergey Vershinin said that "there can be no talk of a new extension of the Black Sea Initiative after July 17 until the Russian ammonia issue is resolved" and directly accused UN members of " continue to speculate on the subject of Russian ammonia, trying to appear that they are making some kind of effort."

Vershinin also drew attention to the fact that Kiev is trying to sell additional benefits for itself by setting preconditions for the export of Russian ammonia.

"Our position remains unchanged - the export of ammonia is part of the existing agreements and should have started simultaneously with the transportation of Ukrainian grain. This is fully in line with the declared goals of Antonio Guterres to ensure global food security and there is no room for any additional requirements. We have stated this position many times before the members of the UN, as well as before representatives of Turkey and Ukraine as parties to the Black Sea Initiative, including during the meeting in Istanbul on May 10," he concluded.

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