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New data on exports from Ukraine

Нови данни за износа от Украйна

Although Ukraine's agriculture ministry last week released official data showing a drop in exports in the 2023/24 July-June marketing season so far, the Ukrainian Trade Union boasted a rise in exports.

Ukraine's combined grain and oilseed exports rose to 3.1 million tonnes in February 1-15 from 2.2 million tonnes in the same period in January, the Ukrainian Merchants Union (UGA) said on Tuesday.

Ukraine is a major producer and exporter of grain, but its harvests and exports have declined since Russia entered in 2022 and occupied significant swathes of territory.

UGA data showed shipments from Feb. 1 to 15 included 1.5 million tons of corn, nearly 1.1 million tons of wheat, 130,000 tons of barley, 152,000 tons of soybeans, 191,000 tons of canola and a small amount of sunflower seeds.

Ukraine exported 1.17 million tons of corn, 609,000 tons of wheat, 137,000 tons of barley, 149,000 tons of soybeans and 151,000 tons of canola during the same period in January, UGA said.

Ukrainian officials said last month that seaborne exports in January could be affected by the Red Sea crisis, as a significant portion of shipments are destined for Asia.

However, Kyiv-based agricultural business association UCAB said Ukraine's total food exports totaled 7.7 million tonnes in January, down just 0.3 percent from December.

UCAB reported that exports in January included 5.3 million tonnes of grain, 765,000 tonnes of oilseeds, 664,500 tonnes of vegetable oils, as well as other foodstuffs.

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