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Romania stands behind Ukrainian exports

Румъния застава зад украинския износ
The new government in Romania also demonstrates a new approach in the country's foreign policy. In his first interview with international media since becoming prime minister in June, Marcel Çolaku said Bucharest would not be intimidated by Moscow and expressed confidence that his country's NATO membership would deter Russia from any direct hostilities.

"We learned our lessons well about Russia. We have zero dependence on Russian energy or resources. Our support for Ukraine is unconditional," Cholaku said. "Romania will double the capacity of its main Black Sea port and its Danube waterways within two months to help Ukraine transport its grain beyond Russia's reach," he added in an interview with the Financial Times.

His plan will be activated regardless of Russian attacks on Ukrainian ports on the other side of the Danube, along which the Romanian-Ukrainian border runs, the prime minister of our northern neighbor specified.

"Ukraine will have around 40 million tons of grain to export in 2023. To facilitate this, we are increasing the capacity of both the port of Constanta and the roads leading to it to make this happen." We have the best mobilization possible,” Cholaku said.

Romania's pledge to strengthen the shipping corridor by dredging the Danube and expanding port infrastructure comes after Russia pulled out of a deal allowing Ukrainian grain to reach world markets via the Black Sea.

This is a sharp turn in the policy of the country, which just a few months ago sent a note of protest to the EP against Ukraine's intention to deepen border sections of the Danube River.

At the same time, discussions on grain supply agreements between Russia, Turkey and Qatar continue at the highest government levels, according to Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov.

The Kremlin official also echoed Russian President Vladimir Putin's words that Moscow was ready to "immediately revive the grain deal as soon as all obligations related to Russia are fulfilled."

In terms of trade, at the beginning of the week the prices of grain for delivery to the port of Constanta were: bread wheat - 210 EUR/ton, feed wheat - 197 EUR/ton, corn - 185 EUR/ton, barley - 175 EUR/ton, sunflower – 386 dollars/ton.

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