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Romania is fighting for exemptions from the green deal

Румъния се бори за изключения по зелената сделка

Agriculture Minister Florin Barbu discussed on Monday with his French counterpart Marc Fenault the difficulties faced by Romanian farmers as a result of the drought and the pressure on transport caused by the transit of Ukrainian grain.

After the meeting, he announced that he had agreed with Feno to support before the European Commission the extension of the exemptions in 2024 for crop rotation and the condition to leave 4% of the areas fallow.

This will allow farmers to compensate for losses caused by the decrease in grain prices and the severe drought, according to the minister.

The pressure on our farmers is huge and I will use all the levers at my disposal to support them!" concluded Florin Barbu.

At the same time, it became clear that the import of wheat, corn, sunflower and soybeans into Romania will only be allowed on the basis of trade agreement issued by the Ministry of Agriculture and only for farmers and processors who prove that they need these quantities to replenish stocks.

"Based on the mechanism agreed with Ukraine, we establish a procedure by which we allow the import of wheat, corn, sunflower and soybeans only on the basis of a marketing agreement issued by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development. In this way, the import of cereals will be possible only for Romanian farmers and processors who prove with documents that they need quantities to replenish the stocks", the Minister of Agriculture commented on the topic.

Regarding trade in neighboring Romania, at the beginning of the week the prices of grain for delivery to the port of Constanta were: bread wheat - 219 EUR/ton, feed wheat - 203 EUR/ton, corn - 186 EUR/ton, barley - 175 EUR/ ton, sunflower – 383 dollars/ton.

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