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Romania feels the negative effect of the war

Румъния усеща негативния ефект от войната

The market situation in Romania remains rather tense, and the promised compensation of one hundred million euros from the crisis reserve for farmers from the five EU member states seems as close as it is far. Romania should receive almost 30 million euros.

Achim Irimescu, Minister Plenipotentiary at the Permanent Representation of Romania to the European Union, commented that the funds intended for Romanian farmers to compensate for losses caused by cheap imports from Ukraine will prove insufficient.

"The Ministry of Agriculture estimated Romania's losses at three billion euros, and the European Commission estimated them at two billion. It should be known that in every crisis, never, the producer was compensated 100 percent by European money. The Commission is now planning a compensation of around 30 million euros, an amount that the Romanian state can triple from the national budget, if there is money for it, of course," Irimescu said.

According to him, there is great interest at the European level in grain from Ukraine, as many member countries enjoy the low prices of Ukrainian products. Achim Irimescu gave the example of Spain, whose livestock industry needs two million tons of imported corn every year.

Likewise, Portugal imports more than one million tons of corn. Italy is also a big importer, and the Netherlands imports about 3.5 million tons of corn from Ukraine. "It was good for these countries that the cheap grain came from Ukraine and they hope it will continue, but we pay the price," Achim Irimescu pointed out.

At the beginning of the week, grain prices for delivery to the port of Constanta were: bread wheat - 195 EUR/ton, feed wheat - 184 EUR/ton, corn - 180 EUR/ton, barley - 171 EUR/ton, sunflower - 372 USD/ton .

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