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Russia is expecting a record harvest

Русия очаква рекордна реколта
"Russian farmers have already harvested more than 123 million tons of grain so far, and up to 60 million tons of grain will be exported this season," said Agriculture Minister Dmitry Patrushev.

"Despite not the best weather conditions in a number of regions, Russian farmers have so far harvested more than 123 million tons of grain. Thus, we have already exceeded the previously announced forecast. We are now certain that we will reach the estimated volume of 130 million tons. The grain harvest of 2023 will allow us to fully supply the domestic market, as well as deliver up to 60 million tons of grain abroad this season," added Patrushev.

He recalled that Russia has already exported agricultural products worth $31.3 billion in 2023, and by the end of the year the country will maintain its status as a net food exporter.

Earlier, the Russian Ministry of Agriculture estimated Russia's grain harvest in 2023 at 123 million tons, of which 78 million tons were wheat, allowing for an upward revision of the forecast.

At the same time, Moscow and Ankara are already acting on the issue of supplying 1 million tons of Russian grain, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Alexander Grushko confirmed to reporters, adding that the political expediency of the project is obvious.

We recall that on August 31, the foreign ministers of Russia and Turkey, Sergey Lavrov and Hakan Fidan, met in Moscow to discuss the grain deal and the parameters for implementing the initiative to organize the delivery of 1 million tons of Russian grain to Turkey at a preferential price, with the financial support of Qatar.

The parties agreed that the project does not replace the grain deal, which expired on July 18, but aims to prevent another critical food shortage in developing countries. Turkey then supported the initiative, saying it was ready to implement it.

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