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Russia will donate grain to Africa

Русия ще дарява зърно на Африка

Russia will provide 200,000 tons of wheat to six African countries free of charge until the end of 2023, Foreign Ministry official Alexei Polishchuk said in an interview with TASS

He explained that his country takes a responsible approach both to the fulfillment of obligations under commercial contracts for the export of agricultural products and fertilizers, and to humanitarian actions. By the end of the year, another 200,000 tons of wheat are planned in the form of donations to six African countries - Somalia, Central African Republic, Burkina Faso, Zimbabwe, Mali and Eritrea.

"Together with the World Food Program of the United Nations, we have already sent 20,000 tons of fertilizers to Malawi, 34,000 tons to Kenya. Approval of three more deliveries is in the final stages: 23,000 tonnes to Zimbabwe, 34,000 tonnes to Nigeria and 55,000 tonnes to Sri Lanka,” he concluded.

We remind you that at the Russian-African Economic and Humanitarian Forum held in St. Petersburg, President Vladimir Putin announced that  Russia is ready to supply free grain to these countries.

But in parallel with the "humanitarian gestures", Moscow did not fail to emphasize again the need to fully implement the provisions of the memorandum between Russia and the United Nations for the resumption of the grain deal.

"As for the feasibility of the scenario of resuming the Black Sea Initiative, the Russian position is as follows: first, the full implementation of the tasks within the framework of the memorandum signed between Russia and the UN on the normalization of domestic exports of agricultural products is necessary.

So far, despite the efforts of the UN, we do not see progress in removing sanctions restrictions on our economic operators engaged in production and export, including in the field of bank payments, insurance, transport logistics and the supply of spare parts to Russia, ”commented a Russian diplomat .

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